Shelby Vicari-Gonzalez

Investor Relations Specialist

Shelby Vicari-Gonzalez is an Investor Relations Specialist who has been with VBO since 2016. Prior to VBO, Shelby served as a Senior Administrative Assistant and Registry Administrator with Aging Outreach Services. There she was responsible for the payroll of all employees and vendors, as well as creating the invoices and billing for clients. She also managed the accounts payable and accounts receivable and reconciled the bank and credit card statements.

Shelby earned her Associates in Business Administration and is attending North Carolina State University to complete her Bachelor’s degree.

Outside of work, Shelby loves to spend her free time exploring with her husband Cody, playing with her three dogs, and being a first time Mom to her beautiful daughter, Piper. Shelby loves traveling to new areas, reading, and writing in her spare time.