Redefining outsourced fund services.

VBO is now part of TMF Group

We are excited to announce our partnership with TMF, a leading provider of global administration services, with over 9,100 experts and 120 offices across 85 jurisdictions worldwide. For more information see our press release.

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Taking financial and operational challenges off your plate, so you can maximize value for your investors.

Combined with the right pairing of technology, our proven service model is designed to work side-by-side with you as if we were in-house to create comprehensive fund services solutions for alternative investment managers.

$16B AUMOf clients we serve as of March 2021

70 plusInvestment advisors and growing

70 plusTeam members

1000 plusPortfolio company valuations per year

Customized fund services solutions for comprehensive support.

Our knowledgeable team works to provide you with peace of mind through our best-in-class support, ranging from fund administration and investor management, to integrated technology that improves your reporting and valuation services, and more.

Your fund administration challenges deserve high-touch, high-value solutions.

We personalize our service.

We build an efficient, dynamic team infrastructure for every client, creating a unique partnership that is built to evolve and grow with your needs.

We keep leadership engaged.

Our model differs from most. Our trusted leaders not only drive the strategic focus for our partnerships but remain engaged and available to you whenever you need them.

We think outside of the box.

We don’t have a single solution that we try to fit your challenges into. We approach your unique needs with a fresh perspective that allows us to work together to create custom strategies and programs that achieve maximum results.

We are technology agnostic.

With us, there’s no need to get locked into a proprietary software platform. We are well-versed in most major platforms, enabling us to work with your preferred platform, or recommend one that best suits your needs.

We tie everything together.

The reports we generate for you are designed to be versatile in order to meet internal, audit, and tax needs to speed up the reporting cycle to investors.

We take the time to get it right.

We believe that our clients are worth an investment from us. We don’t charge you for work that must be done to get our teams up to speed, like onboarding fees. That investment, coupled with collaboration and team consistency from start to finish, allows us to truly operate as part of your organization.

Our employees have a wealth of knowledge and industry experience that creates value right from the start.

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