The triangle continues to grow everyday and we’re thrilled to be in a location that is expanding and maintaining nationwide interest for jobs, relocation, families, lifestyle etc.  So we thought we’d brag a little about WHY it is so great to be in Cary!

Below is a list of recent “Best Of’s” we’ve collected:

#1 Best City for a Job in North Carolina: Cary  (
#10 Top City for Employee Satisfaction: Raleigh-Durham (
#5 Best Preforming Cities: Raleigh-Cary ( / Milken […] …read more

Each month we hope to share with you some links to relevant news in this “VBO Newsworthy” feature.  You can check back at the end of each month for some interesting topics and great articles about things to keep you in the know.

Carried Interest Taxation

As many of you know there is currently a debate over whether carried interest taxation should be changed.  Since it could really affect some VBO clients we thought we would share a […] …read more

We’ve been busy at VBO these last months and to celebrate the end of the “season”  we hosted an afternoon out at Kings – a local upscale bowling venue.  Everyone was able to get together and wind down with some friendly competition and good food.  We managed to capture a few shots from the day – so you can check out the great time that was had!

We also recently had our yearly VBO Family Night […] …read more

This is currently a very hot topic in the corporate world as the popularity of e-cigarette use grows. E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes upon first look appear much like a typical cigarette; however they are actually a battery powered device that vaporizes a liquid nicotine solution.

The argument against the relatively new e-cigarette industry is that there are no definitive studies that prove no dangerous toxins are emitted in the exhaled vapor. According to an article on […] …read more

The Venture Back Office enjoys spending time together outside the office by participating in various team building activities.

In the past months we’ve held some team building events we thought we would share on the blog – we’re always on the lookout for novel ways to build camaraderie and help our talented associates collaborate seamlessly.  These are just two of our more recent events…

In September 2014 we held a team building event at Wine & Design.  This event […] …read more

Negativity in the workplace can really decrease productivity and overall job satisfaction. It can lead up to low morale, more frequent time off, and possibly employees leaving the company. Some signs of negativity are things like gossiping, lack of teamwork and backstabbing. These things happen for many reasons not just because of personality conflicts.

Stress is generally one of the initial causes of negativity – when employees have an excessive workload and are feeling under appreciated […] …read more

Many companies are working to avoid having to go through the time-sucking process of sorting stacks of resumes and overwhelming phone calls by trying to be more creative with their recruiting process. Have you taken a look at what competitors and similar companies in your industry are doing to recruit – maybe it is time for some more innovative recruiting strategies?

We’ve got a few suggestions for you on how you can reach out to some […] …read more